Windward Field  Spaniels
We are not Ohio dog breeders, but do occasionally have puppies or dogs for sale
socialized before being released from our home to yours.  All puppies are
exposed to the  
"Bio Sensor" Early Neurological Stimulation Program
developed by the US military.  As they grow, they are exposed to a multitude
of experiences ranging from different types of people, (including children and
older adults) to different types of experiences (including gun shots, office
settings and crowds) and other animals (horses, cats, etc).  If available, all
pups are exposed to Quail at 8 weeks of age in the event they will go to a
hunting home.  They are given their first round of immunization vaccines
before they go to their new homes and are all implanted with permanent
identification micro-chips  

Please know that all prospective puppy buyers are interviewed and home
checks are performed.  All of our puppies are sold with a limited registration
and spay/neuter contracts unless expressly listed differently in our contract
with the buyer.   We do not ship puppies unattended.  We believe that at the
age a puppy is ready to leave our home, it is a critical time in their
development maturation.  The potential for psychological trauma of shipping a
puppy unattended at this age is too great.  We do allow owners to transport
their puppy attended, as carry on baggage.  We realized that not all breeders
agree with us on this issue, but that is our policy.

Contact us if you are interested in applying to be on a list for future litters and
to have an adoption application forwarded to you.
3weeks Old.  Get
their first "big kids"
meal.  What a
mess!  Very active
recognize our
voices and play
4 weeks old.  
Curious about
what is out in the
"big world", but
still consumed by
eating and
sleeping  Teeth
are in now --
 She starts
to wean them and
spend less time
with them.  
6 Weeks old.  Playful,
adventurous pups.  
people, young and old,
being exposed to gun
toys and daily trips
outside.  Now is the time
of lots of positive
adventures that will
prepare them for the
rest of their lives.
play ground!  Everything is
to be explored, everything
is to be tasted, Everything
is to be chewed!  Meeting
new friends every day.  Still
needing plenty of naps and
always hungry!  This is the
first week the pups saw
themselves in a mirror.  We
always find it to be a magical
moment and hope it gives
you a smile as well.
The developmental life of a Field Spaniel puppy at Windward
5 weeks old. They
are capable of
mobilizing well
and body
Time to go out
and see the big
world - What fun!
Week 8.  Pups are given temperament
testing  (placing them under a variety of
stressful situations to see how they
react) and go the veterinarian for the
first round of shots and overall health
checks.  They continue to explore
outside.  Our goal at this age is for them
to have as many positive encounters
with as many people, animals and
experiences as possible before going to
their new homes.  Potty training is
beginning as well as basic manners, like
sit and down.  Soon, they will be off to
their new homes!
Week One.  It is all about eating a sleeping.
Two Weeks Old.  Eyes open and  starting to interact with each
other  Still need a lot of sleep and a lot of attention from mom.

New Litter!
Rookie x Mija
Born on 12/21/19
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