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Windward is the home of many award winning field spaniel dogs.  
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"The Field Spaniel
is truly a combination
of beauty and function.  He can
hunt with dad in the morning, play
with the children all afternoon and
sleep in front of the TV in the

The Field Spaniel is a sturdy, medium sized
spaniel averaging 18 inches in height and 40
to 55 pounds in weight.  The Field is larger
than the English Cocker and smaller than the
English Springer Spaniel.  Their coat is
medium long, flat, glossy and silky in texture,
with good feathering on the chest, body and
legs.  Colors include black, liver or roan, or
any of these with tan points.  The roan is quite
rare to see, however. They are an active,
playful, and friendly dog.  They love to learn
and are eager to please.  The Field Spaniels
attitude can range from reserved to playful
and impish depending on the setting and
circumstances.  They love to be in the
company of their owners and do best when
they have a sense of purpose - whether it be
competitive canine sports, hunting buddy,
therapy dog, or simply faithful companion on
morning walks.
Photo by Tien Tran